Get Elected

A step-by-step campaign guide to winning public office: local, state, and federal.

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Disillusioned with politics? Be the change you wish to see. Run for office and Get Elected!

The ultimate guide to planning a political campaign for all levels of Australian politics; local, state and federal.

With more than 7,400 opportunities across Australia to run for public office, what are you waiting for? If you are a woman curious about what it will take to get into politics – or a candidate from a diverse background – we need more people like you in politics!

Get Elected explains how you and your supporters can plan and deliver a winning campaign. 

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Get Elected (PDF)

Get Elected; A step-by-step campaign guide to winning public office – local, state, federal (2nd Edition) by Ruth McGowan

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    Nominated for the Essential Reading List for 2019 by The Australia Institute.
    With more than 4,000 books sold as hard copies and e-books, Ruth now wants to share Get Elected far and wide so more women and candidates from diverse backgrounds can be elected to all levels of Australian politics.