A step by step campaign guide to winning public office; local, state and federal.

Get Elected

A step by step campaign guide to winning public office; local, state and federal.

Get Elected

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Get Elected (2nd Edition)

Disillusioned with politics? Be the change you wish to see. Run for office and Get Elected! 

When it comes to turning dissatisfaction into action, politics has been described as the art of making what appears to be impossible, possible. Australians are becoming increasingly disillusioned with politicians. There are more than 7,400 opportunities across the country to run for office, at a local, state or federal level – so, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to stop hoping politicians will act on the things you care about.
It’s time to become one!

Nominated for the Essential Reading List for 2019 by The Australia Institute.

Get Elected: A step-by-step campaign guide to running for public office (second edition) explains to aspiring candidates how to plan and run a successful campaign for office at all levels of office.

Following the May 2019 Federal election, Get Elected has been revised and updated including new case studies and information on the latest campaign trends relevant to Australian political candidates.

Get Elected is essential for aspiring candidates – and those who wish to support them. In 2020, it is the campaign handbook for the Pathways To Politics Programs for women run by both Melbourne University and the Queensland University of Technology, QUT.

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What readers have said about Ruth’s book

Tim Fischer AC and former Federal MP, Leader of the National Party and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

Two bad keystrokes and your campaign can be wiped out. This is why Get Elected is a must-read for anyone contemplating running for political office and wanting to avoid the potential pitfalls that can turn your campaign into a disaster. Ruth packs this guide with practical tips and insights gained from her coordination role of the two successful ‘Indi Orange’ campaigns for her sister Cathy McGowan in 2013 and 2016. I also recommend this guide to campaign managers who want to maximise the effectiveness of volunteers and not waste precious time.

Ali Cupper, Independent MP Mildura, Victorian State Parliamentarian and former Councillor Mildura City Council

Anyone who is thinking about running for office will be encouraged to give it a go after reading Get Elected. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in Local Council or State and Federal Parliament, this guide will build your confidence to consider politics and equip you with the tools you need to run a masterful campaign.

Coral Ross, Councillor, former Mayor City of Boroondara, National President Aust. Local Government Women’s Asst, deputy Chair  Aust. Gender Equality Council, a Director of National Rural Women’s Coalition. 

Unfortunately, Australia is a long way off gender equality in our local councils and state and federal parliaments. For effective representation, we need more women to contemplate politics and get elected to our chambers and parliaments. Ruth has been a strong advocate for women in local government for many years, working on projects to support women to get elected to their local council. She has written an engaging read in Get Elected with lots of tips and practical insights. I hope that this guide will encourage more women to consider running for office.

Jacqui Hawkins, Independent candidate for Benambra 2018 Victorian State Election

This guide sets out the ABC of a game plan that a candidate needs to apply to their campaign to work towards getting elected. With its guidance, practical tips and considerations of campaigning, I highly recommend this guide to anyone considering running for office.

Rob Harris – federal politics reporter with The AGE

Seemingly more people are looking at their local MP and thinking “I can do a better job than him (or her)” but aren’t sure what to do next. If you are disillusioned with politics and care about democracy and representation, then perhaps it’s time to consider running for office?  Get Elected is full of tips and advice that guides a prospective candidate on how to run a winning campaign while avoiding the surprises that could ruin everything.

This is the first national guide to help would-be politicians run a successful campaign for local council, state or federal parliament. It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever thought of giving politics a crack.

Judy Ryan, Independent candidate 2016 Victorian Local Government election, Reason Party candidate 2018 Victorian State Election

Get Elected will help you do exactly that if you are considering running as an independent or a small-party candidate. From setting up your campaign team and the comprehensive checklists to practical tips on contemporary campaigning and inspirational stories from other people just like yourself, Get Elected makes the seemingly impossible a real possibility.

The Australia Institute – Essential Reading List 2019