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Want to be a Politician?

Seeking a political candidate – opportunities now open

Looking for an exciting public sector job where you can make a positive difference? If you have a strong desire to leave a positive legacy, as well as an unwavering conviction in your belief that you can do a better job than the current employee, then this could be the career for you

In our Australian office, there are three entry levels for this role; councillor, State or Federal Member of Parliament. The office is located in your electorate but will require successful MP candidates to relocate to state parliament house or Canberra for approximately half the year. 

Our Client

The Australian people are governed at three levels from local government, State or Territory and Federal. Our nation’s success is driven by a passionate team of visionary leaders who strive every day to make their clients (the Australian people) prosperous, happy and safe. Your constituents are great to work with, and by and large leave you alone to do your task. Feedback is delivered spasmodically through the ballot box, and can be ruthless if you fail to deliver on your promises and expectations of the role.

The Role

Reporting to your constituents, you will help drive a strategic direction for the council, the State or nation. You will lead performance through the development and guidance of a team of fellow politicians while providing a results-driven and safe working environment that promotes open communication and empowerment across all levels. In addition, you will manage key relationships with stakeholders to ensuring advocacy of your constituents needs and avoid conflicts of interests. You must apply good governance at all levels or severe penalties apply.

Your daily workload is significant but will vary depending on what areas, issues or portfolios you’re interested in and the level of responsibility you desire. There are opportunities for promotion to Mayor, Minister, Premier or ultimately Prime Minster depending on the location you choose for the role.

In addition to the satisfaction that you will be making an extraordinary difference in your community, there are plenty of perks in this job including payment, variety, potential career progression and opportunities to meet some incredible people.

Your Skills and Experience

You will have a track record as an inspiring leader who operates from a place of integrity, compassion and honesty. You will demonstrate excellent communication skills and confidence in your ability to change the world for the better. Your relationship building skills will be second to none and you may require a thick skin as well as the political savvy to adapt to an ever-changing political environment. Innovative thinking is crucial and you’ll also need to enjoy operating in a competitive workplace with long days. An appreciation for good manners, respect for all citizens and ability to work hard is essential.

To view more on the issues impacting on this role view @twitter #auspol 

To Apply

To take advantage of this challenging and varied opportunity, please submit your application to the Australian people explaining why you would like their vote. The selection committee is vast and comprises adult citizens who need to be convinced why they should put their confidence in you. Note, when applying for this role, please ensure you have accurately met all requirements under the relevant Act and the Australian Constitution (Be aware of your due diligence around S44 if applying for a Federal position).

Applications – ongoing

Applications now being called for through a pre-selection process for the following positions:

  • Apply to the 546 local councils across Australia and join 6,600 other councillors
  • Apply to residents of the six states and two Territories to be an MP; New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the Northern Territory
  • Apply to residents of the 150 seats in the Australia Federal Parliament to join the 150 members of the House of Representatives or the 76 members of the Senate

[Note: The Australia people are equal opportunity employers and all diverse applications from various cultural backgrounds, gender, political parties or independents will be considered favourably].

Ruth McGowan OAM is a consultant in local government and is passionate seeing good community leaders get into politics! As a past Mayor, she now delivers Get Elected training to Mayors and councillors and was the campaign coordinator for the successful election of her sister, Cathy McGowan MP, as an independent to Australian Federal Parliament in campaigns of 2013 & 2016.